We have a messy, cluttered bedroom, and we found the motivation to clean up, discard, declutter, and whatever shit we got to do. We enjoyed a couple of days of a clean, organized space. In a week, it’s messy again. 

We have a toxic relationship with someone who’s controlling, and we found the bravery to talk to them about it. They are sweet as a sugar donut for a week, and then it’s the same old shit hole. 

We swear with a blood oath that we won’t buy new clothes anymore, and we even keep our credit card at home. A week later, there is 50% off everything at Zara, and you rushed clicking and go to Paypal. 


Our focus is not properly placed. 

It doesn’t matter how many times we clean up. If we don’t have a system, even as simple as not giving back things where it belongs, it wouldn’t last. The goal is not to have a clean space; it’s to keep the space clean. 

It doesn’t matter how many times we talk to our controlling partner. If we chose not to set boundaries, it wouldn’t work. The goal is not to be in a relationship; it’s to know what kind of relationship you want.

It doesn’t matter if we swear or keep our credit card at home. If we don’t know our ‘enough,’ it won’t matter.  The goal is not to stop buying clothes; it’s to know when and what to buy.

I believe the end goal of minimalism or being a minimalist is sustainable contentment in every aspect of our lives. 

Love our home, love how we look, cherish our healthy relationships, know and love our purpose in this world, mindfully embrace our decisions and blessings, grateful for our misfortunes, believe in abundance. 

When your focus is sustainability, there are three components involved. That being said, let me tell you two secrets. Everybody can be a minimalist because minimalism and every damn aspect of it are personal. It’s all you and parts of you. 



Read that again. 



When it’s about you, how can you fail? 

Fucked up? Yes. Stuck? Yes. Misdirected? Yes. Fail? No. 

You have all the power to create, change, pivoted, trying to find what fits. It’s you and within you. 

So start here. Work on your mindset. Work on those three components at your own pace. 

Remember, focus on sustainability. Work on you. 


Our social learning circle on Facebook, THE FANCY MINIMALISTS, just had a blast with a mindset reset challenge in August. Join us, we are delighted to have you!