After a brief career in modelling and abandoning two universities, I went home to Borneo, and co-founded a family company with my older sister. I was 24.
A year after, I opened my first shoe shop, followed by a woman’s fashion boutique. Unsatisfied with the products I imported from China and Korea, I enrolled in a fashion school called Esmod. I had a big dream to start my brand. I was 29.
Throughout those years, I had it all. I had a great source of income, a house, a car, a cute Golden Retriever named Louie. I had supporting family and boyfriend (whom later I married). What I didn’t have was one thing: Gratitude.
I operated from a place of lack with an ego of a successful young woman. I messed up my finances, owned more than I needed, and failed to see the importance of sacrifices.
When I was 32, I left what I thought was my ‘successful story’ and moved to Europe. 
The country I moved to is a competitive, winning-driven one, and coming from a chill-chaotic country, I felt lost for some years.
I had a great life. We lived in a lovely apartment located in a beautiful neighbourhood. We traveled often and went home to Indonesia once a year. I didn’t even have to work full-time. But I was still operating from a place of lack. Instead of focusing on what I had, I focused on what I could have.
I kept dreaming about living like I was in Indonesia, being successful, and dreaded the fact that my qualifications were not acknowledged. I hated that I need to start from the very beginning again.
So it didn’t take long until I, again, messed my finances, owned more than I needed, and felt like there was always something missing,
In 2016, both my husband and I were working remotely and decided to travel. During our three-months long Asia trip, I stumbled upon Marie Kondo’s first book. I read it for fun but ended up discarding most of my belongings when I came back home afterward. From there, my journey to minimalism began.
For the past four years, I have pivoted a few times and I also have learned a lot. I now have a better relationship with my self, with money, have become more productive and operate with more mindfulness. In 2018, during a troubled year of my life, a dear friend introduced me to Vipassana. I then decided to participate in one of their meditation retreats in Indonesia for ten days. It was a life-changing experience. Since then, I try to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. 
When my mother passed away last year, I became more aware of what’s important to me: I love helping people. Just like she did.
I have helped some people I know with their struggles. I know that I feel most content when I can contribute to making people’s lives better. 

For that reason, I created The Fancy Minimalist. To help people focus on living a sustainable life without sacrificing their values and needs. My goal is for every one of us to live mindfully with a purpose and style!  I believe that nobody needs to be alone during their troubled times. I also believe that we all deserve the life we envision.
Welcome to The Fancy Minimalist. I am very happy you are here.