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You are fed up with your wardrobe. But  that's not really why you are  here.

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Minimalism is indeed transformative, trust me, I've been playing around with this concept since 2017. But it does require a deliberate approach in designing our lives around this concept. The pivotal question is no longer centered on defining minimalism itself. Instead, it revolves around the idea of 'enough.' 
I believe that minimalism is fundamentally a mindset – a mindset of 'enoughness.' It entails being purposeful, mindful, and conscious of our life values and choices.

Let's be honest, your wardrobe might not be the only source of frustration in your life right now. You're on a quest for genuine contentment – the kind that encompasses a stylish appearance, improved health, career success, and even the ability to steal a nap with your little one. You're driven to be that person who extracts every ounce of potential from life.

Enter The Fancy Minimalist.

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I began to dabble in the notion of 'enoughness' back in 2017, but it wasn't until 2019, when I held my mama's hand nine hours before she passed away, that I took a giant step back to survey my life from a panoramic viewpoint. It was then that I earnestly longed for a different trajectory, a shift in the narrative of my existence. 

I'm here to share my journey with you through my writing and teachings, with the hope that, together, we can nurture a new generation of women – compassionate, content, and profoundly ambitious, poised to mold a better world. 

I am delighted to have you here!

Hello, I am Eve.
I'm an Indonesian who now calls Germany home, and my journey in the fashion world spans an impressive 18 years – quite a stretch, I know. I've currently manage my virtual styling business, which centers on sustainable fashion, a beauty parlor, and of course, there's this website you're currently exploring. 

My path toward a more mindful existence had its genesis in a blend of Marie Kondo's wisdom, a dash of credit card drama, and a chaotic closet.

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